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JULY 2 2000 - Bristol Music Club, St Paul's Road, Bristol
Winter Landscape (2000)
Jeanette Hajncl (recorders) Simon Foxley (piano) Andrew Garbett (sound projection)

JUNE 27 2000 - Conway Hall, London
Winter Landscape (2000) World Premiere
Jeanette Hajncl (recorders) Simon Foxley (piano) Andrew Garbett (sound projection)

MARCH 3 2000 - Holywell Music Room, Oxford
Prayer (1999) World Premiere
Jake Rea (violin) Joseph Spooner (cello)
DECEMBER 5 1998 - Nottingham Music Centre
When First (1998) World Premiere
Choir of Nottingham Music Centre-Robert Steadman (conductor)
Andrew Garbett (piano)

FEBRUARY 15 1998 - The Sandfield Centre, Nottingham
Silence Echoes Through The Distance Of Time (1997) World Premiere
Laura Davies, Lisa Hoyland, Sophie Littlewood, Stephanie Wainwright (flutes) -
Andrew Taylor-Maskey (sound projection),
Andrew Garbett (assistant sound production)
DECEMBER 18 1997 - St Mary's Church, Nottingham
Shepherd's Cradle Song (1997) World Premiere
Nottingham Bluecoat School Choir - Charles Slade (conductor)